About the Sculptures

‘AUROCHS’ bronze at Quenington 78cmW x 58cmH x 35cmD. Edition of 5

I make sculptures in stone, steel and bronze in response to my love of life.

The intention for all my work is that it contains a sense of stillness, and that the larger commissions are in tune with their site.

I am greatly moved by the Ancients and feel I stand on their broad shoulders, for which I am honoured and humbled.

“White Aurochs” in garden – GRP

‘HOLY COW’ bronze 26cmW x 20cmH x 9cmD. Edition of 8

‘LITTLE BULL’ bronze 13cmW x 10cmH x 6cmD. Edition of 12

‘MARE’ bronze 20cmH x 17cmW x 6cmD. Edition of 8

‘HELMET’ bronze 29cmD x 24cmH x 21cmW. Edition of 10

‘KITTY’ bronze 33cmH x 25cmD x 18cmW